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I want to learn about my body & train ME!

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What if you lived each day focussed on helping people become their best? Guiding clients to overcome setbacks then achieve their goals and aspirations? How full will your heart become? 

TWIST Education has released it's highly coveted success formulas shared with you as replicable Training Systems in highly inspiring premium designed digital education that you can study and practice at your own pace.

You will learn-by-doing the exact key training methodologies and art of coaching that gained TWIST recognition from world champions and MVPs, and meaningfully, highest trust from everyday clients on their survive to thrive journey! 


What if you could access and adopt the knowledge and progressive programs that even pro coaches and Olympic organizations tapped into? What could you do with that advantage? 

It is said that "success leaves clues". Better than clues, you can have it all mapped out for you, the complete A to Z in a logically organized Training System, and with a focus on the art of practical methods you can trust are rooted in complex integrated sciences.

A happy inspired life and career path takes ALIGNMENT of your core values and top passions, with mastery of top level proven methods? 

Show up every day with purpose and passion, lead every client with complete confidence in the art of your craft, take pride in standing tall in your credentials!

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Show up every day with purpose and passion, lead every client with complete confidence in the art of your craft, take pride in standing tall in your credentials!


Do you have big dreams, that require high goals, but uncertain where to start nor a success roadmap to follow?

You found us, so you're already in the right place! Next, we can help you discover the right path you need to get to the next level. 

This might be topping up your current skills adding a Functional Physique specialist or improving your own winning mindset and positive leadership. Others may decide to enroll in the complete sports performance track, or study how to improve brain and body with aging, to distinguish themselves as an expert specialist and know precisely who to narrow their marketing to. 

Discover how to align your core values and top passions with business growth and enriching success. With TWIST Education, you will learn how Coach Peter Twist was able to rise through the ranks in his career from sleeping in his car while studying sport science at the University of British Columbia to owning 12 flourishing training centers, operating giant athlete camps and coaching in the NHL for 11 years. 

You'll tap into the leadership formulas and training methodologies that took him into the USA Fitness Hall of Fame, after being selected to lead the China Olympic Program to modernize their summer and winter Olympic team training programs, and by Under Armour when TWIST was chosen to become their Global Education Partner. 

TWIST's highest recognition, however, has come from it's global education systems and setting up new leaders for success! TWIST's core passion!  

to be the best you must 

train with the best

The mindset and training methods you will learn have been validated hands-on with over 2,000 pro and Olympic athletes, 20,000 collegiate and high school athletes, and a wide spectrum of adult clients globally.

These include patients rebuilding from cancer, people navigating significant life change, and active agers still participating in sports and outdoor recreation they love!

TWIST's education students include a range from college and pro coaches to brand new fitness entrepreneurs beginning their own path, and, curious adults who love to "learn + train", studying courses before adopting the methods as their own workout program.

what are you willing to do, right now, to create the best life for yourself? 

I am a coach/trainer and I want to define my niche market, increase my revenues or expand into a new lucrative side hustle.


I want to have the physical ability and confidence to do the activities I most love, and enjoy doing them better, later into life!

who are Our STUDENTS?

Those who are savvy about their health and want to live their best life in their best body

Are interested in building a $$$ side hustle that will compliment their lifestyle and health goals

Feel it's time for their own positive growth and through it, drawn to helping others elevate

Are motivated to make a positive impact in their
community sharing their passion for training

Value becoming part of our global community
and leverage association with a prestigious brand



At TWIST Education, we're committed to providing you with the best certifications, programs and forward thinking courses to help you reach your goals. Whether you need to quickly boost your resume through upgrading your knowledge or are looking to begin a new side hustle and want to start at the top of your game, our online education tools will help you stand out in a growing industry so you can show up your best helping others become theirs! The time is Now! Elevate to great! 

TWIST Methods were created by integrating multiple sciences and an intimate understanding of sport characteristics to create outside the box exercise ideas that produce superior results for a body in motion. Innovative ways to overload the body and brain focus on both the body's neural software and physical hard drive. After research studies concluded dual instability while controlling tempo increased core muscle activation over 1,000%, the incredible power of TWIST Methods were validated by research to solidify the exercise guidelines. 




As the Sport Scientist leading TWIST Education, Coach Peter Twist is both a lifelong learner and teacher, delivering over 1,500 presentations at conferences around the world while authoring 1,200 papers, 20 books, 44 DVD's and 22 accredited certification courses. 

The faculty and advisors with TWIST University are all world leaders and innovators in holistic health, sports medicine, performance training and education systems, generating a plethora of research studies, position papers and university curriculum. They serve as expert speakers and government advisors on emerging best practices for positive leadership, youth development, holistic health, functional fitness, sport training, holistic nutrition, mindset motivation, and mental well-being.